Friday, January 9, 2009

Russia's Gas Supplies to Europe through Ukraine

Daryna Krasnolutska in Kiev reported on Bloomberg that at 07:44 a.m. on January 07, 2009, OAO Gazprom, Russia's Gas export monopoly cut off ALL GAS SUPPLIES TO EUROPE THROUGH UKRAINE. This was confirmed both by NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy, the Ukranian utility and by Alexander Medvedev, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of OAO Gazprom.
The article quotes the Naftogaz spokesperson, Valentin Zemlyanski as saying that Gas supplies to EUROPE through Ukraine were CUT to 74 million cubic meters a day from the normal levels of about 300 million cubic meters a day.
The reason for the capitals is to make sure the article is understood correctly. Russia significantly disrupted European Gas supplies on January 07. Read the post below to know what happened to Iran's Gas supplies in the following week.
I don't have sufficient insight right now on OAO Gazprom's Nord Stream and South Stream Links for Gas exports to Europe. I'd appreciate any further information/insights.

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