Friday, January 16, 2009

Sold Satyam @ Rs. 36.45 on Jan 12

I didn't make any posts since Jan 12. On Jan 12, in the afternoon after lunch I noticed that Satyam had gone up to around Rs. 36.50. I sold it on instinct. I had previously exited my Nifty shorts as I mentioned somehwere else. Since the 12th I haven't done any trades.
I was bearish on the Nifty for the January series. I exited all my shorts the day of the Satyam Panic and after that I went long in Satyam delivery, stayed on for one trading day with a weekend in between and sold off the Satyam shares.
I've had a lot of difficulty taking a view on the Nifty since the day of the Satyam Panic.

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