Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More on the US Treasury Finances

The Auction schedule for the US Treasury debt securities shows the planned auction dates till November 05 2009.
As of April 28, 2009 the International Reserve Position of the United States shows total foreign exchnage reserves of $ 75, 877 million - or around $ 76b, according to this press release from the Department of the Treasury.

According to a Treasury statement to the Associated Press, The US Treasury plans to borrow $361 billion in the current April to June Quarter. Excerpt:

The $361 billion estimate for borrowing this quarter compared with borrowing needs of just $13 billion in the year-ago period. Normally the government's borrowing needs shrink sharply in the April-June quarter because of all the tax revenue being collected.

But, please remember:

Treasury also estimated it will need to borrow $515 billion in the July-September quarter, down slightly from the $530 billion borrowed during the year-ago period. The all-time high of $569 billion was set in the October-December period.

Here's a link to the latest Treasury Note, Bond and TIPS auction results.

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