Tuesday, March 10, 2009

IMF quotas analysis with links

The link below has the voting power shares at the IMF.
In simpler terms, a voting/quota share determines the amount of forex that each country is eligible for out of a total increase in SDRs. SDRs are electronic credits from the IMF to countries, that can used for foreign exchange. This is like an equity stake that each member country gets in IMF combine.
The link below takes you to an FT Op-ed by Edwin M. Truman, after he took office as the US Treasury’s IMF person. (Title: ‘How the IMF can help save the world economy’)
And here’s a link to another Op-ed by Ted Truman on IMF Reform:

Ted Truman proposes overall, an increase of $250 billion in the world’s foreign exchange through SDR credits from the IMF. And, somewhere between 5 and 10 percent of voting rights will be re-distributed away from “traditional industrial countries” to others (as a best case).

Currently the United States has 16.77 % of IMF voting rights, and China has 3.66%. Australia has only 1.47%. Geithner was the US Treasury's representative to the IMF during the 1998 Asian crisis. He personally made sure with his program then, that all those countries would learna lifelong lesson not to depend too much on foreign loans, and to build a large enough forex reserve.

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